Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Year Ago Today - We were on our way to China!

  It's so crazy to me that a year ago today we were on a plane flying across the world to China! I've been reliving our trip through my blog. Here's my post from our first 2 days of travel:

  Days 1 & 2

We've made it safely to Beijing! It took about 24 hours from the time we left home to the time we got into our hotel room.  Everything went smoothly, just soooo loooonnnnnggggg.  We first flew to Chicago, then had about a 4.5 hour layover before our flight to Bejing.  By the time we left for Beijing around 1:30pm, we had already been up and going since 4:30am.  The flight to Beijng was about 13 hours. It took a lot longer than I had envisioned 13 hours to be! 
 Luckily our flight was not very full so we had room to stretch out.  We had 2 meals on the plane, watched a couple movies and slept off and on.  When we finally landed in Beijing, we were so so tired. We landed here about 3:30pm Beijing time, which was 2:30am home time.  But we still had to go thru immigration, customs and get our bags.  Finally we spotted our agency rep, who then took over in getting us where we needed to go. It took forever to get to our hotel from the airport due to severe traffic.  The traffic and crowds here are unbelievable!  There's just people and cars everywhere.  Our hotel is in downtown Bejing, right in the heart of the city.  Our room is really nice and we're excited to try the breakfast buffet we've heard a lot about.  Today and tomorrow we're doing some touring and hopefully a lot of resting too to get acclimated before we fly to Maggie's province.
The best part is so far we have good internet connection, so we've already been able to Skype home and see our babies.  We'll try to keep blogging and keeping everyone updated as much as we can.
All packed!
Last picture as a family of 5!  

Ready for our first out of 6 total flights on this trip.

On the plane to Bejing!
Finally in our hotel room in Beijing!

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