Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Looking Back: Medical Exam & River Cruise

One year ago today:

Medical Exam & River Cruise

Sunday night sleep was rough. She was struggling to stay asleep for some reason. She was up from 4am on... we finally went to an early breakfast and came back to try a morning nap, with no luck.  She gets really upset in her crib, but is happy as can be when we pick her up.  However, last night was awesome. She slept until almost 8am!!!!  Perfect timing, too, because we have no obligations this morning, so we were able to sleep in too. However, we completely missed our Skype call home! We usually call them at 7am our time, which is 6pm the night before for them.  I woke up suddenly and couldn't believe it was almost 8am and we missed it!  Thankfully they were still around the computer and we were able to call anyway. Gotta get my Skype fix of my babies at home!

We went with our group for their Visa pictures and medical exams Monday morning.  It was an interesting experience. They each had to be seen by 3 different "stations":  an ear/nose/throat nurse, weight/temperature, and wellness check.  According to the hotel scale, she weighed 16.5 lb when we got her.  Today she was 17.3 lb... hopefully that's accurate that she's already putting on  some weight!  The nurse was able to get a good look in her mouth, which we haven't been able to do yet.  But with the language barrier she couldn't tell us anything.  The doctor thought the scratch on her nose was an infection... ugh! What terrible timing for that.  She didn't seem worried though, and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. The kids over 2 had to have blood drawn for a TB test, which thankfully she didn't have to do.  She fell asleep hard in the baby carrier after that.  Made us think about how  many doctor's appts she'll have coming up over the next months and years.  Anyway, so now we wait for her Visa to be processed-we'll get that hopefully on Thursday.

Last night we went on a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. It was a big boat with most of us from our group with a lot of locals.  The river goes thru downtown and all the buildings have lights on them. It's really beautiful.  We had dinner on the boat, which wasn't great, but it was so wonderful to be out on the deck enjoying the warm night air and the lights.  It was so relaxing and Maggie loved it.

She's been playing hard. She even got on the floor and crawled around for a bit!  And she's not crying as much at diaper changes... overall doing so much better.  She's so happy!  She loves to play and interact and be silly.  She's a completely different kid from a week ago.

She is such a sweetheart.  She's so lovey and so observant.  She has changed so much in the week we've had her.  Makes me so happy for her and we feel so blessed that she's ours.  Also makes me think of all the little ones still sitting in orphanages waiting for their potentials to be unlocked by the love of a family. 

It's Tuesday morning here, and we're going to enjoy our free day by doing some shopping.  Tomorrow is our Consulate appointment!

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