Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking Back - Last Full Day in China

One year ago today...

Last Full Day in China

Whoo-hoo!! We have Maggie's Visa! We can officially leave the country now.  It's been a day mostly of waiting. We took some pictures with our wonderful group this morning.  We've been blessed with 5 other amazing families to go thru this journey with.  We'll miss seeing them every day, hard to believe we live scattered around the country.  We will definitely be staying in touch with them.  The girls wore their Chinese silk outfits, but none were took happy about having their picture taken this morning.
Maggie slept great again last night, but has been out of sorts all day.  We're hoping to lay her down a little early for bedtime and go to bed early ourselves. We leave at 5:45am for our bus ride to Hong Kong.  We originally though we had to leave at 5am... 5:45 sounds so much more doable!  So we're packing up tonight and getting as much ready as we can.  
We are scheduled to arrive home Friday evening.  We'll be posting arrival pictures as soon as we can! Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement, prayers and support.  We have the best family and friends!!!!! 
One of the last pics as a family of 3... can't wait to see all my kids together.
Our awesome group.

Six orphans no more!  
These kids have been through so much and have been such troopers this week.  
They are all precious.

Pretty girls.

Done. :)

Yet another fabulous guide, Jason.
Sleeping Beauty.

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