Saturday, February 19, 2011

Allie Update!

We received a wonderful update on Allie in the mail today! It included a CD with a bunch of pictures of Allie and around Korea. It also included information about how she's developing. She weighs 17.8 lb, is described as a good eater, easy going, and light sleeper (oh boy!). She is crawling and has 2 bottom teeth! They had just given her some things from a care package we had sent her. The one picture shows her getting strapped onto the foster mom's back, which is the typical way Korean's carry their babies. So far no update as far as when she might come home, we're still thinking April. Will keep you posted!

A Video of Allie!

Here's a video of Allie taken on Feb. 7th, so she was about 7 months old. The lady in the video with her is her foster mom, who they've told us she's very attached to. The social worker is asking the foster mom questions about Allie's development. She's playing with things that we sent her in a care package! The little book has pictures of us in it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching up

So I got a little behind on our blog... okay WAY behind. I just updated all that has happened in our family since Thanksgiving, so go back to my Thanksgiving post and start reading there if you want to read things in time order.

As we get closer to Allie coming home, I'm going to try to update more often with any news that we have!

Allie's Registry

Some of you have been asking what we'll need for Allie such as clothes, etc. We have been generously blessed by friends and family donating girl clothes to us, so I think it's safe to say that we won't be needing clothes or baby supplies! We discovered that Amazon carries an abundance of resources on Korea, adoption and Korean adoption! We're excited to learn as much as we can about the Korean culture and to have some books and other items in our home with familiar sights for her.

If you'd like to see some of these items, you can view them at our Amazon Baby Registry. Go to and click on Baby Registry. You can search by my email:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trust and He Will Provide

This is just too beautiful of a story to keep to ourselves. Jeremy and I have long thought we may adopt some day. When the time came to take the first step, we agonized over whether or not we could afford it, especially on one income. However, we felt God calling us to adopt, specifically from Korea, so we made a purposeful decision to follow our hearts and trust that God will provide for us.

We began the adoption process in Dec. of 2008 by putting our names on a wait list with our agency. Sam was only 9 months old, but we knew it was a long process. A year later, we were able to officially apply and began the Home Study process, which is full of lots of paperwork and home visits from our social worker (who is wonderful, by the way). Once we were approved, the official wait to be matched with a baby began. Up to that point, we had paid a few thousand dollars towards the adoption, but we knew the real "chunk of change" would come when we accepted a referral for a baby, which we were told should come by the end of 2010.

Lots of people ask how much does it cost and we don't mind sharing. It ended up being over $33,000. (Yes, that's a lot of money, but keep in mind that some people have cars that cost much more than that!) We opened a flex line of credit with our bank, and just resolved ourselves that we would pay what we could each month for as long as we had to. However, God had another plan.

Friday, December 17th, 2010 we got the call, Hee Young would be our daughter! When we accepted Hee Young's referral right before Christmas of 2010, we mailed in a check for almost $27,000. Some of that we had saved and the rest was borrowed from our flex line of credit. As news of Allie spread, amazing things began to happen that were completely unexpected. First, a few days later, two close family friends donated towards the adoption. We were so shocked and so very grateful to have their help.

Then, on Christmas Eve, we arrived home from church joined by Jeremy's parents and brother. I grabbed the mail, only to be confused by a Christmas card with no return address. Inside the card was an anonymous note which indicated that in the spirit of the season and in anticipation of her arrival, a donation had been made to our account. Sure enough, a large sum of money had been put into our bank account, which significantly cut down on what we owed on the flex line. We were shocked and so amazed that God put someone in our lives who cared this much for our baby. We have no idea who that person is, but we will be eternally grateful for their love.

At this point, we just couldn't believe our luck. The amount we owed had been more than cut in half and we were rejoicing. But the story didn't stop there. Christmas Day brought more monetary gifts from family members. Finally, about two weeks after Christmas, we again opened the mail to see a check from a family member. The amount not only paid off the rest of what we owed, but also allowed for some extra money for her for future use. This all happened in less than one month's time from when we first saw her face! A huge burden has been lifted from us and now we can just focus on her and the joys she will bring.

Aside from the monetary miracles, we have also been so amazed by the process of adoption. Doors have just opened for us all along the way and we are humbled. This is a story written by the hands of God. Good people do exist, good things do happen, and we are just overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family. We believe fully that Allison Hee Young is supposed to be a part of our family and we cannot wait for her to hear this story and know that she was so loved even from halfway across the world. Thank you everyone for your support, love and prayers. Miracles do occur!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Family 2010 at

Here's our family video from 2010. 20 minutes long, very cute!

Oh Allie Allie!

We were so excited to open our mailbox a few days before Christmas and find these new pictures of Allie Hee Young. The one with her on the orange onesie was taken when she was right at one month. The other two were at about 4 months. They said at 4 months she weighed about 14.5 pounds, which is 75%, but she sure looks tiny here! We haven't received any more updates past the time when she was 4 months. We were told we should get some more information in February or March. We're hoping for more recent pictures and a more accurate estimate on the timing of her arrival here!

They Did It!

All along this adoption process, one of our biggest fears was convincing Ben to move into Sam's room. He loves his room and his privacy. We decided to let them pick out some cool new things from Ikea and "bribe" him along. At the store, we had a cool new bunk bed and accessories all picked out when Ben suddenly realized these new things would go in Sam's room not his. Huge meltdown ensued and we went home empty handed. We decided to give him some time. However, that night at bedtime, Ben suddently announced that he just wanted to move his bed into Sam's room. We seized the opportunity and got to moving right away! This is a pic of them together in their new "big boy" room the first night. Sam, of course, was so excited to have his cool big brother move in. We later added some glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the ceiling and a new aquarium lamp, and they are happy as two clams, proud as can be of their new room.
Not sure what prompted Ben's change of heart, but they have done so well in there together and seem to be even closer as a result. The funny part is, we avoided telling them they had to share a room because of Allie. We didn't want them to resent her. Well, we pulled it off because several weeks later, Ben had an "ah-ha" moment. His eyes got real big and he said, "Mommy, I know! Now Hee Young can have my old room!" We told him what a smart idea and now we're getting to work on Allie's room!


January flew by! Here's some pics of our busy days. The one is a picture of the items we sent to Allie in Korea in a little care package we made for her. Another one shows Ben and Sam doing a Dancing Raisin experiment-one of their favorites!

Just Plain Fun

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas was so much fun this year. First, there was no puking during present time like last year! Plus, both boys had such a better understanding of Santa and they were beyond excited. It was so fun to watch them enjoy every moment. After opening presents at home and at Grandma Pat's house, they were happen to relax at home and play with their new toys. Dec. 26th we traveled to Evansville to enjoy Christmas with Jeremy's extended family. Allie was not far from our minds, knowing this time next year she'll be here with us!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Remembering the real reason for the season on Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a peaceful evening at home with Uncle Matt and Grandma and Grandpa Coleman. After dinner and presents, we took our annual ride to look at the luminaries lining the streets of our neighborhood. Then cookies and milk for Santa and off to dreamland. 14 hours ahead of us, Allie was already experiencing her Christmas day, half a world away in South Korea.

Introducing Allison Hee Young Coleman

Here she is! She is named Hee Young for her birthmother, which means Delightful Blooming, which describes her perfectly. We'll add Allison to that and call her Allie. All except Sam, who insists her name is just Hee Young. :)

We met with our social worker on Friday, December 17th. We were so lucky she was willing to come the same day, she came at 9pm after she finished up with other worked related responsibilities. At the time, Hee Young was not quite 6 months old. She was born on June 28th, 2010 and is very healthy and developing well. Our biggest question once we learned that she was healthy was, "When can she come home?" We were told "April, maybe a little sooner, maybe a little later." And so now the really difficult wait begins!
In the meantime, we are filled with immeasurable joy. We are so thankful that we found out about her at such a joyous time of year. We're thankful she's healthy. We're thankful for her birth parents who gave her life and for the country of South Korea for entrusting her to us. And we just cannot wait to have her home!!!

It's a Girl!!!

Friday, December 17th turned out to be a pretty life-changing day, in addition to the potty training (and Uncle Justin's birthday!). I had just arrived home from a doctor's appointment at about 4pm when the phone rang. The number looked to be a cell number and I instantly hoped it could be the call we had been waiting for. With my dad, Ben and Sam watching, I received the amazing news that we had a daughter in Seoul, South Korea!

After making arrangements with our social worker for her to come over that night at 9:00pm to show us pictures and give us details, I told the boys they had a sister. Sam then helped me call Daddy and a few other people to tell them he had a sister (he tried so hard, but no one could understand him!). Then the hard part came-having to wait those 5 hours to finally see her picture at last!!!

Big Boy!

Friday, December 17th - Our day began with Sam informing us that he was going to wear underwear and use the potty. This came completely from him, we had not been trying to potty train him at all. Not only did he stay dry all day, he also hasn't had a diaper on since. He literally potty

trained himself! Doesn't get much easier than that! (Don't worry, he's not always such an easy child!)

Double Digits

So unbelievable that cousin Ethan is now 10 years old! Brings back memories to the day he was born and how we all rushed to the hospital only to wait FOREVER for the kid to finally come! Aunt Jan kept getting in trouble with the nurses trying to listen through the door and we all just couldn't believe it to see such a beautiful boy.

Now he's the ringleader for the 3 little ducklings who think he's just the best thing ever!