Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Family Member?

For those of you who don't know, we are officially on a waiting list to adopt a baby girl from Korea. We have been blessed with two beautiful biological boys and are now excited to pursue our dream to adopt. We've already spent more than a year working on the application and home study process and now we're approved and "in line" for a baby. Typically the babies are around 10-12 months when they come home and are generally healthy. A social worker will fly with her to the Detroit airport, where we'll meet her for the first time. We are cautiously optimistic-adoption is a shaky thing and sometimes things don't work out. It's a lengthy process and it could be a year or more before she comes home. Ben is pretty excited about the idea right now, and Sam of course has no idea what's coming. :) We'll keep you posted!

Ben Turns 4!

It's so hard to believe our firstborn is 4! He was such a happy baby and continues to be such an easy going kid for the most part. He is continually happy and optimistic. He did inherit his mother's stubborn streak, so there are definitely times that we go head-to-head, but recently he has really been maturing and has been just so awesome to be with every day. He goes to preschool two mornings a week and LOVES it. He loves his "buddies", riding bikes, playing in water, and anything planes, trains and automobiles! He's all boy, very adventuresome. He's very protective of Sam and they get into all sorts of trouble together. We are so proud of his outlook on life and his ability to see the good in everything!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sam Turns 2!

Can't believe my BABY is 2! He's a smiley, happy guy most of the time and we are so blessed to have him in our family. He's very outgoing and social, prefers to be out and about with people rather than be at home. He's starting to talk a lot more and eats us out of house and home, still. He's finally sleeping through the night, he's our light sleeper and it literally took him 2 years to figure out how to be a better sleeper. Exhausting! He's all boy, such a brave, roughneck boy and does his very best to run, jump and climb like his brother. He's still allergic to eggs and peanuts, but it's just a way of life for us now and we are praying that long term he outgrows them. He's extremely loving and sweet, very generous with his affection. We're thinking he might be a really sweet, protective older brother when we bring him home a sister from Korea! The future holds great things for our little Sam!

Here's our recent professional pictures, Ben is almost 4 and Sam is almost 2. They love our photographer and love being in front of the camera, as you can tell!

Our Family 2009 at OneTrueMedia.com

Here's our family video from 2009... warning- it's about 16 minutes long (but very cute)!

April 4, 2010-Easter Weekend

Fun times this weekend for our family! We spent good Friday at the zoo with good friends and the rest of Cincinnati-crowded, but fun and beautiful!

Yesterday was the boys' joint birthday party. Can't believe they're 4 and 2! They were on a toy high and had a blast playing with their cousins. The egg/nut free cake was a success. After 2 trial runs and lots of crossed fingers, it turned out really cute and tasted pretty good as well!

Today the boys were thrilled to find their Easter baskets full of candy, a kite, and other goodies. We kind of felt bad pulling them away from their new toys and candy to go to church, but they went happily. Ben left church proclaiming, "Jesus is alive!" so I guess he's listening and learning!

We got to go visit my grandpa in his new assisted living room. He seems to be settling in and happy to be taken care of. What an accomplishment to be 89 years old! He's so proud of his family.

Looking forward to Easter dinner with family today, an egg hunt and another fun week with Ben's birthday next Saturday!