Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No News....

Well, we are STILL waiting for Allie's travel call. We are trying so hard to be patient and trust that she will come when the time is right. About two weeks ago we found out that for some reason the Korean government has slowed down on issuing passports. The 3 babies in Allie's group, including Allie, all need passports to come home. They have everything else they need, so as soon as the passports come in, they'll work on booking her flight home. We were so disappointed that she wasn't home for Easter and her Easter dress hangs in her closet. But the Easter Bunny did leave her a basket of goodies here for her when she comes home! We would love for her to be home by Mother's Day, so pray pray pray for her that the passports come through very very soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Water, Sand & Animals

Water, sand and animals pretty much sums up our March. The boys finished up their swim lessons with a splash. We also spent a day at Coco Keys Water Resort, which was fabulous! Ben keeps telling me that he dreams of going back there. :)

As an early birthday present to both boys from Grandma Toodie and us, they were given a brand new, big-boy size sandbox. They are thrilled and are starting to log in many hours of play time out there, digging away.

Some of the other pictures shows Sam's bedhead, a cute pic of the boys with their beloved Cat in the Hat books, and our playgroup partying together on St. Patty's Day. Gosh how they've grown from the little babies they used to be.

The biggest news of the month was Sam's THIRD Birthday! He was adamant that he wanted to spend the day at the zoo, so that's just what we did, despite chilly temperatures. Daddy took the day off and Grandma and Izzy joined us at Sam's insistence. He was so excited and proud to be turning 3. I just can't believe it. A special fact: he was born in the last hours of Red's Opening Day in 2008 and this year is birthday was on Opening Day.

Allie Update: Well, we're still waiting. We had been told beginning of April, so we started anxiously waiting for the phone to ring with her travel day. But yesterday we got word that it could still be a few weeks. So we're trying to be patient and enjoy our last weeks with just the boys. We will keep you posted!