Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Coleman Crew

We enjoyed a beautiful May day with Grandma and Grandma Coleman, Uncle Matt and Matt's sweet dog Ben.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy's First Visit

A first in our house- The Tooth Fairy came!  Ben was so excited for that tooth to come out that he bravely let Daddy pull it out with a string.  The beginning of many!  Of course, now Sam and Allie both insist they have loose teeth too.  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sam & Izzy's Last Day of School

Sam & Izzy have completed another successful preschool year together.  I CANNOT believe that they only have one year left of preschool!! 

Miscellaneous Cuteness

Seems like every day is a fun adventure.  Here's Ben and his best bud Carson at school together for their class ice cream party.  They've been in school together since the beginning: 3 years of preschool and now kindergarten together.  We're trying to prepare them for separate classes in first grade!!

The youngest grandkids got to hang out in Grandpa Tim's corvette for a bit.  And we took the kids downtown for the Asian FoodFest this weekend.  Allie loved the food and the boys loved the water we found.  :)

Allie's First Mother's Day

Very thankful to have my little girl home this year for Mother's Day.  We celebrated with family and a cute "sunflower" cake made with Peeps!

Baseball Ben

Ben is becoming quite the baseball player.  He LOVES to play, this is his second year and he can't get enough of it.  Here are some pictures of him in action.

Sam, oh Sam

If you know Sam, you know he's a very unique little guy.  He is his own person, silly and quirky and hilarious.  The other day when we had all that rain, we had a huge puddle in our side yard that they called the swamp.  He literally fell face first into it.  He makes us laugh every day.

And he FINALLY gets to be on a sports team!!  After watching Ben play tball and soccer the past few years, Sam is finally old enough.  He's doing an instructional t-ball camp with Daddy and he's SO proud of himself!

Mother's Day Tea

Sam and cousin Izzy's class had a Mother's Day Tea... adorable! They sang us songs and served us snacks.  Sam informed the entire class that I wanted ALL the food.  :)  So blessed that he and Izzy get to venture through preschool together.  They were so proud to have us in their classroom!

Korean Children's Day Picnic

We are part of a wonderful local group of families who have adopted from Korea.  They have various get togethers throughout the year. We recently attended the Children's Day Picnic.  It's a holiday that is celebrated in South Korea, and it is SO COOL to see all the families and their beautiful Korean children!!!   Allie and her friends Evie and Joel are the youngest in the group.  Some of the kids are in their teens; Allie was really checking them out!