Monday, November 17, 2014

Looking Back: Playtime!

One year ago today:


We're having a lot of internet trouble here, so this is a little late, but here's how our Sunday the 17th went.:
Maggie is doing great!  For some reason she has not been sleeping well the past 24 hours or so. Thinking she's starting a cold and is a little congested.  Naps have been a little sporadic too, but she is definitely coming out of her shell!  She’s starting to do more age-appropriate things like grabbing my glasses and playing more.  I’m so happy to see that now when I feed her or put her down somewhere she doesn’t always stay right in the position. She’s starting to move around more, kick her feet, move her body, wiggle, dance and be silly.   She’s crawling all around on our bed, although she’s not brave enough yet to crawl around on the floor much.  She also managed to scratch herself pretty good on the nose, just in time for her Visa picture tomorrow. :)
It’s amazing to see that she’ll now let us set her down on our bed with a toy and she’ll play with is, as long as we’re close.  She’s even had a few diaper changes without screaming!  She still doesn’t like being on the floor at all, so for right now we’re camped out on our bed with her at playtime.
She is relaxing and not so tense and afraid. I think she’s starting to realize that we’re not going anywhere.  She physically takes great comfort in us; she still loves to snuggle and be right on us.  As hard as this trip is, it has been so good for us to bond with her and her with us before the craziness of home life starts.  We didn’t have that with Allie, and it’s something I wish we had had with her.  
Today (Sunday) we did a little touring of Guangzhou.  We went to a Buddhist temple and to a folk art museum.  Both were outside and the weather is perfect here, in the 70s. Love it! It was so nice to just walk around outside.  Then we went to a craft market and got to do some shopping. We bought her a tradition Chinese silk outfit, a fan, and a few other things. We ordered her a Chinese name chop, which is a stamp that is customized with her English and Chinese names on it, along with her zodiac sign, the dragon.
We hung out the rest of the day. Jeremy went to a paperwork meeting, finalizing some of our last pieces of paperwork for her adoption!! Whoo-hoooo!!!!!  Tomorrow is her medical exam.  We’ve heard it’s not an easy day for the kiddos to be examined by strangers.  Hopefully it will be quick and painless for them!
She is still 100% on bottles for food, but she’s starting to be very curious about our food. She tries to grab what we’re eating. We’re giving her little pieces of food, but she just holds onto it and plays with it, so far doesn’t put anything in her mouth.  I’m sure watching her siblings eat will be a big motivator for her.
We’re in such a better frame of mind here.  New city, new food options, great weather… and best of all, only 5 days left until we can come home!!!!!  Until then, we’re enjoying our time with our yummy little sweetheart.
Buddhist temple

Her sweet spot.

Snuggled in for a snooze.

Back to the hotel for playtime.  Happy girl!!

 Watching TV.

Silly face!

Grabbing for Daddy's Big Mac.
No longer the baby who is afraid to move. She can't hold still now!

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