Our Journey to Maggie

For Maggie's process, we began the adoption process and then waited for our agency to match us with a child.  It was 15 months start to finish in 2012/2013.

*Consider adopting again-June 2012
*Choose agency (CCAI)-July 2012
*Submit Medical Checklist-August 17
*Formal application to CCAI--Aug 22
*Application Accepted!--Aug 27
*Contact Homestudy Agency-Sept 10
*Home Visit #1-Sept 25
*Home Visit #2-Oct 2
*Home Visit #3-Oct 9
*Receive 1st draft of homestudy-Nov 8
*Homestudy approved-Dec 7
*Mailed I800A to USCIS-Dec 20
*Receipt from USCI -Jan 3, 2013
*Finger print appointment-Jan 22, 2013
*USCIS I800A Approval-Feb 1st!!!!!!!
*Dossier to Agency-February 22nd
*Dossier Approval-March 7th
*DTC (Dossier to China)-March 8th!!!
*Dossier Arrives in China-March 13th
*LID (Log in Date)-March 18th!
*Referral (Child Match)-June 11th!!!!
*LOI (Letter of Intent)-June 18th
*Care Package Sent-August 3rd
*LOA (Letter of Approval!!!!)-August 27th!!!!!!!
*I800 Approved-Sept 9
*I800 received in the mail-Sept 13
*Article 5 Dropoff-Sept 20
*Article 5 Pickup-Oct 10
*TA (Travel Approval)-Oct 30
*Gotcha Day-Nov 11
*Consulate Appointment-Nov 20
*Arrive home-Nov 22!!!!

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