Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel Itinerary & Last Minute Prep

We're leaving tomorrow!!!  Augh!!!  We're pretty close to being ready, which is good because all 3 kids are off school today due to voting!  :)

House is clean, kitchen is stocked, we're mostly packed, instructions have been given, surprises are ready for kids, dogs have been bathed (please take a break from rolling in poop!!!), paperwork is in order, Maggie's first doctor's appointments are made for when we return, bills are prepaid.  We are ready to get our girl and get back home to our kiddos!

We'll be gone 17 days.  Yikes.  We've never left the kids for more than 4 days and that was before Allie came home.  It's gonna be hard.

We're praying for great internet connection while we're gone. We're hoping to Skype the kids daily and keep everyone updated on Facebook and our blog as much as we can!

Travel Itinerary

Wed Nov 6       Off we go, bright and early!!
Thurs Nov 7     Arrive in Beijing
Fri Nov 8         Tour Beijing; hopefully visit Little Flowers home where she stayed from
     birth to 10 months.
Sat Nov 9        Tour Bejing
Sun Nov 10     Fly to city Zhengzhou in Henan Province (Maggie’s Province)
Mon Nov 11     Gotcha Day!!!  Maggie joins our family!
Tues Nov 12     Adoption Registration-adoption is finalized!!!
Wed Nov 13     Travel to city of Anyang, where Maggie was born and where her 
                         orphanage is. Apply for her passport and hopefully visit her orphanage.
Thurs Nov 14   Paperwork
Fri Nov 15       Paperwork
Sat Nov 16      Fly to Guangzhou
Sun Nov 17      Paperwork
Mon Nov 18     Visa physical exam
Tues Nov 19     Free day
Wed Nov 20     Consulate appointment
Thurs Nov 21   Receive visa packet/free day
Fri Nov 22       Take a van to Hong Kong, fly home!!
Fri Nov 22       Arrive home early evening!

"The Binder" of info for grandmas

A gift for each kid for each day we're gone. Mostly dollar store junk they love and  a couple of special ones like a new movie and a packet of popcorn, bubble bath, etc.

/Countdown till Mommy, Daddy and Maggie returns:  17 days!

A basket of some of their favorite books with a tape recording of Mommy and Daddy reading the books to them.  (Yes, we still use cassette tapes in this house!)

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  1. You're so organized!! I love all the things you did for your kids!! I'll have to remember some of those ideas for when we travel! I can't wait for your gotcha day!!