Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last Stop!

We've arrived at our last stop!  We're in Guangzhou, in southern China.  It was a little over a 2 hour flight, but it was delayed (once we were on the plane we sat for an hour before takeoff-all w/our new babies!) but it took nearly the entire day to get here with getting to the airport, waiting, flying, meeting our new guide, getting to new hotel, etc.  Maggie was a trooper!  She was more alive today, played more and was more silly and interactive with us.  She did scream on the plane for a while (so not fun to be that parent with that baby, but that's okay) but she finally settled in to sleep.

Our new/final hotel is awesome.  There's a McDonald's nearby, Subway, KFC and Papa Johns! whoo-hoo!!  We had burgers and fries tonight, a taste of home did us good.

We are re-energized with the change of scenery.  Only 6 days left!!!  We're doing some tours this week, but most importantly will have her Visa exam on Monday and her Consulate Appointment on Wednesday.  Fly home on Friday!

Saying goodbye to our sweet guides in Zhengzhou.

 Hanging at the airport.

Maggie's first flight!

 Snoozing on the plane.

Happy Baby!

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