Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An "Amazing" Day

What a day we've had! It's Tuesday here in China. We opted out of going to the Guangzhou zoo and decided to go to Shamian Island near here instead.  So glad we did!  We got a taxi, it was about a 15 minute ride from our hotel. We met another family there from our group and spend a good chunk of the day there. It's the coolest place!  It's an island that used to be owned by the British and French, so the buildings have a very European feel. It's much less crowded, less cars.  It's very scenic, lots of gardens and greenery and so very beautiful. I loved it there!  It's known for it's bronze statues that are around the island. There are a ton of little shops, too, and we got a bunch of things for our family.  I'm not sure how we're going to get everything home!  We also enjoyed a fun "American" lunch at an outdoor restaurant on the island.  It was a very neat experience, I'd love to go back.

The island experience itself is wonderful, but we happened upon something "amazing" while we were there!  We were walking along when I saw a white guy that I thought looked familiar. At first I couldn't figure out if I knew him from my life or TV.... I flagged Jeremy down and asked if he recognized him... and it's the host from The Amazing Race TV show!  They were filming on the island today and we happened to be there at the same time. There was a big camera crew there and they were prepping to shoot.  We watched for a bit, then went off to shop and eat.  We went back by later hoping to see some action... and we did!!! Right as we were standing there, within 20 feet of the host, 2 teams came flying up in a foot race for first place of that leg of the show.  We got to watch them film it as he told them they were team #1 and 2, then several more teams came running up.  One of the teams was 2 guys from the Harlem Globetrotters, and they literally ran right past Jeremy.  We're so anxious to watch the show to see if he's in the shot! They said it won't be aired on TV for months, but what an experience.  They asked us not to post pictures and video until the show airs... so for now we'll hold onto those little gems, but we have proof that we saw it happen live!

The island is also known for brides getting their wedding photos taken there; we saw countless brides in their gowns being photographed. It was really cool, they were beautiful.  We also saw a few models being photographed as well.  It's a beautiful place, really unique and very peaceful.

Through all the excitement, shopping, eating our Maggie Fei was amazing herself.  She was totally content even though she only napped about 10 minutes on me.  She just loves to be out and about as long as she's with us. She rode in the stroller a bit, but she's happiest in my arms and in her Ergo carrier.    The weather continues to be absolute perfection, in the 70s and so comfortable. The air was cleaner on the island, too, so it was just a perfect day.

Words cannot express how much she has changed in 8 days.  She is SO happy.  She giggles and plays and does silly things to get our attention all day.  We are just enjoying her so much and it is so delightful to see how content she is.  We keep telling her that her world isn't always going to be just us and her... that life at home will be crazy with her siblings!!  I just know she's going to love them once she gets over the initial shock of the noise and craziness. :)  I absolutely can't wait to see them all together.

Tomorrow we go for our Consulate appointment, where we'll take an oath.  Thursday we get her Visa and Friday we leave for home!!!!!!

Cobblestone sidewalks on the island.

The buildings are from the early 1900s.

 We saw a class of school children walking by, they shouted hello to us.

We were photo bombed by a woman and her child watching us get our picture taken.  The locals are fascinated by us.

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