Thursday, November 14, 2013


Today was a much better day!  She slept in her crib last night, thankfully.  She still screams every time we put her in it, but we've found if we pat her bottom through the crib bars, she'll eventually calm down and sleep.  She kept crying in the night but Jeremy slept right by her crib so he could just put his arm in and pat her back to sleep.  She slept a good 12 hours, then a 1 hour nap, then a 2.5 afternoon nap. Thankfully Daddy is a very patient patter.  :)

We could have gone to the zoo today, but we needed some down time. We walked to Walmart this morning, which is an adventure in and of itself.  It's about a 15 minute walk and we're in a very big, urban city.  There are no words to describe the mobs of people, cars and scooters.  You have to be very alert even on the sidewalks, they just drive right up on there!  She loves being in her front carrier, it makes me feel better to have her close when we're on the streets.  I'm definitely not a city girl, it's crazy out there!  
We spent most of the rest of the day relaxing in our room, watching movies and relaxing while she slept.

We went out to dinner tonight with our group.  For some reason, she loves to be at restaurants and on my lap. That is when she is most alive.  She giggled and babbled and interacted with us more than ever tonight and it was just the best thing to see. She does this cute thing when she's playing where she puts her thumb in her ear, wiggles her hand and says "rah-rah".  So cute!  I love to see her coming more alive!!

She still is content in our arms/lap and not so happy when we put her down.  Here's what happens when we put her down for a second:

Snug as a bug in her carrier.  When she falls asleep in there she sinks way down and you can barely see her.

Conked out after our big outing to Walmart.

All dressed up today in a bow her big sister picked out.

Pretty profile.

 Sleeping hard.

All smiles and giggles at the restaurant!

Loving this time with our girl.  She is the best and we're so lucky to be her parents!

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