Thursday, October 31, 2013

Travel Approval!!!!!

Finally, after 20 days of waiting, we have our Travel Approval!!!  Twenty days doesn't sound that long, but when other families were getting theirs in a week or less and passing us by, it was excruciating!!!  For some reason we were in a group that was "stuck."  The past couple weeks went by very slowly!  So excited to finally have the magic 2 letters!!!

That came yesterday, Oct 30.  Our agency had to then sent a request to China for our Consulate appointment.  Our trip is planned around when that appointment.  We got word this morning that we got our first choice of consulate appointments, which will be Nov 20th.  That means we are able to leave NEXT WEEK for China!!!

We're now waiting to hear back from our travel agency on exact flight details, but here's the tentative plan:

Wed Nov 6th: leave for China (that only 6 days from now!!!)
Thurs Nov 7:  arrive in China (Maggie's 13 month birthday!)
Mon Nov 11:  Gotcha Day!! Maggie will be in our arms!  (also happens to be Veteran's Day)
Wed Nov 20:  Consulate Appt (Also happens to be my precious niece's birthday!)
Sat Nov 23:  Arrive Home!!!

We are beyond thrilled this has worked out this way.  All along we had hoped to leave the first week in November, so we could be home for Thanksgiving.  Despite the delay in TA, our agency is still pulling it off!!  Yippeee!!

And so begins our last minute preparations. Now that we have dates, we can finalize everything.  Lots to do but so happy I don't have to obsess over my email anymore!!


  1. So excited!! Just put all your dates on my calendar so I can keep track and pray! Absolutely, positively cannot wait to see Maggie Fei in your arms!!!

  2. Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.