Friday, October 11, 2013

News! Double the Big News!!

It's so funny/ironic that in our adoption experience, there are long stretches of wait and no news, and then we tend to get 2-3 big pieces of news all at one time.  Like when we got our LOA (Letter of Approval) and qualified for a matching grant on the same day.

It's happened again!  Two more exciting things have happened in the last 2 days.

Our Article 5 paperwork was picked up yesterday!!!  That means that that part of the process is complete and we are OFFICIALLY WAITING FOR TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!!!

This is a HUGE DEAL.  Travel approval is pretty much the last big step before we can go get our girl.  China needs to grant us permission to go get her.  This can take 2-4 weeks from where we are, although it seems like it usually comes in about 2 weeks.  Once we have Travel Approval, we can then make her Consulate appointment in China and book our flights!!!  We are really close.

Families usually leave for China within 1-3 weeks from TA (travel approval).  Which has us likely leaving for China the first or second week in November.  Which is not far from now.  At. All.  

We'd love for it to happen sooner rather than later so we can be home for Thanksgiving, but it's all out of our hands.  We'll be gone 2-3 weeks, but we won't have exact dates until we have TA and can start booking things.

Our other big news:  We got our final numbers on our matching grant.  Not only did we meet our goal, we exceeded it!!!!  That means total through the donations and the matching funds, we raised $6660.  WOW!!!  That paid for our entire orphanage fee ($5748) and part of our travel fees.  We can't thank all of you enough who contributed and became a part of Maggie's story!!  We are so, so very grateful.

That leaves us with our international flights, in-country travel costs (flights, hotels, tours, etc) and travel money (food, paperwork, adoption fees, etc) to pay for still.  We have come a LONG WAY and are down to our last $8000 to $10000 to pay.  

Please note that any money mailed into the grant organization now will benefit other adopting families.  If you'd like to contribute toward our remaining costs, you can use our PayPal link here on our blog.

We have such amazing network of friends and family supporting us.  We couldn't do it without all of you!!  We are quickly working to prepare things and pack so we're as ready as we can be.  We appreciate your continued prayers and support!

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