Saturday, October 26, 2013

While We Wait

We're still waiting for the elusive Travel Approval.  We are packed and ready as soon as we get the approval and our agency makes the arrangements.  We've been so hopeful to leave the first week in November; our agency says that is still possible IF we get TA either Monday or Tuesday.  But it could very well be that we leave later in the month.  So nerve-wracking!  I won't admit how often I'm checking my email!

I know there's  reason why this step is taking longer than we had hoped; I don't fully understand that reason, but I'd like to think it's to remind me to slow down and enjoy these 3 at home a bit longer before it gets a little crazier.   Jeremy and I made time to take each kiddo out on his/her own "date" with us.  It made me realize how rare it is for one of them to be alone with both of us. It was SO special, quiet and really fulfilling.  I love our big, growing family, but it sure is nice to appreciate each of them individually too.

Some other cute recent pics.

Allie sleeping with her dolls all lined up.

Picture day for the littles!

Not too big to sleep in my arms yet.

Our own date!


Counting diapers for Maggie.

Helping me pack Maggie's clothes for the trip.

Surprise indoor picnic lunch with movie.

Just silly.

Little soccer powerhouses!

Best friends since before they could walk.

Best buds!

Allie doing her "homework".

A jumpstart on Halloween.

Daddy's bedtime entertainment.

This boy.

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