Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today is the last day for our matching grant.  We're not sure if we've met our $3000 goal, but we know we are close!  We're so thankful for all the friends and family who donated.  We are so blessed by your generosity.  We even had our boys' friends clean out their piggy banks to donate.  Amazing.  You all have become a part of Maggie's story!  Once we get the final numbers, we'll update our funding info on the blog.

We're still in waiting mode, but down to the last couple baby steps:

Article 5 Dropoff-Sept 20th
Article 5 Pickup-sometime between Oct 10-15 (normally is quicker, but Chinese offices are closed this week due to holiday)
Travel Approval-2 to 4 weeks after Art 5 Pickup
Book our flights as soon as we have Travel Approval and a consulate appointment!!

We're getting closer!  Still looking like November travel is very likely.  We'll take whatever we can get, but of course the sooner the better, and we'd really love to be home by Thanksgiving.

It's all getting very real.  It's crazy to be able to say we're likely traveling NEXT MONTH!  Ahhh!!!!! We are busily getting ready.  It's a major task to prep to leave the country for 2-3 weeks, and leave our kiddos at home w/grandparents.  So. much. to. do.   We're getting it done slowly but surely.  I get butterflies just thinking about actually getting on that plane!  

Here's a few pics of what we've been up to:

We volunteered with our families at Hands Against Hunger packing meals.  30,000 kids die a DAY from hunger.  This is a great organization and way to help.  I really recommend everyone give this a try!

Lots of soccer.  

Allie is doing AWESOME at school, which we're so thankful for.  But evenings are rough after going without a nap.  To say there's a lot of crying, fits and tantrums is putting it lightly.  Bedtime is very early for her these days!  Each week seems to be better than the last, though, so hopefully she'll continue to improve.

Getting ready for bed is no fun.

First experience making egg-free donuts.  Easy and really yummy!!

Sam's first bite EVER of a donut.  He loved it!  We'll be making these more often.

"I love bugs and salamanders" -Sam

Pumpkin Farm

Put the finishing touches on the girls' room!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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