Monday, December 2, 2013

We Made the Paper!

We are in today's newspaper! Our dear friend Leigh Taylor came to take pictures of our homecoming when we arrived at the airport from China.  She's a photographer for the Enquirer and turned our pictures into a beautiful story of adoption and friendship.  We came to know her and her family when we were in the process to adopt Allie, and our girls came home together from Korea.  

We're so thankful for their friendship and for Allie to grow up with a buddy who also is adopted from the same place at the same time.  These pictures and this article are so special and beautiful! 

 Our kids were so excited to see themselves in the paper!!  It was funny timing; we had Maggie's appointment with the cleft palate team today at Children's Hospital, and the doctor's and nurses discovered the article before we arrived. We were like celebrities when we got there, they were so excited to have us there on the day the article ran!  Maggie was treated like a little queen. :)

Thank you Leigh for such beautiful memories and for what I know will be a lifelong friendship. 

 Here's the link! 

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