Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Naptime "Routine" (insert sarcasm)

Read to and bottle Maggie.

Lay Maggie down.

Read to big kids.

Separate big kids into separate rooms to "rest" for one hour (as we do every day for my sanity):

Ben to boys room.

Sam to basement.

Allie to my room.

Begin list of phone calls regarding medical bills.

Sam comes up to poop.

Get him re-settled downstairs.

Another phone call.

Allie comes out to poop.

Get her re-settled in my bed.

Make another phone call.

Ben comes out to poop.

Sam comes up to ask if he can come up.

Ben asks if he can be done resting.

Maggie wakes up crying after only an hour. With poop in her diaper.

Change Maggie and lay her back down.

Allie comes out to ask if she can be done resting.

Maggie doesn't go back to sleep.

I give up.

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