Sunday, December 1, 2013


We are slowly getting on track around here.  The past few nights Maggie has only been awake for short periods of time, and not wanting to play in the night, thankfully.  Jeremy and I have gotten a couple long stretches of sleep, thank goodness!  Jeremy is more adjusted than I am.  I need lots of sleep and am still trying to get over the jet lag.  I've heard it takes as many days to get over jet lag as the number of hours of the time difference.  We're a 13 hour time difference from China... today is day 9, so we're getting there! I think I'm also tired from taking care of 4 kids!  Maggie is still really tired during the day, and I have to wake her from her naps otherwise she'd sleep all day.

She is eating baby food like a champ. She begs for it.  I tried giving her a cracker yesterday and she literally cringed.  She'll pick up a cheerio or teething biscuit and throw it in anger when I try to give it to her! She has some serious aversions to solid food.  But I'm so happy she's getting better nutrition. Her hair is very coarse, and the doctor said that's due to lack of nutrition. That just hurts my heart.  Can't wait to see it start to soften up.

I'm the type of person who likes to clean and needs a clutter-free house. So the past 9 days have not been easy, as it looked like a bomb went off in here. We were just too tired to unpack, put things away and keep up with the laundry and dishes. Then our washer broke and we got even more behind. Thankfully, my fix-it hubs got that fixed yesterday and I forced myself to get moving around here.  We FINALLY have laundry put away from the trip, we're putting away our travel things, and starting to go through the piles of paperwork, mail and schoolwork. I finally worked on bills last night.  It feels good to have enough mental clarity to take care of some things.

I'm so appreciative of all the kind words and support. I've gotten way behind on emails, texts, FB... so if you've sent me a message, know that I got it and so appreciate it!  We're also getting spoiled by having a meal delivered for dinner each day. I haven't had to cook yet!

Thanksgiving was low key, small and wonderful at my sister's house.  Maggie had a great time, she's a pretty social little girl. She had a hard time settling down once we got home, though, so I know it was a lot for her even though she had a good time.

Big week coming up.  In addition to her medical appointments, it's also our first full week back to work and school.  Jeremy only worked Wednesday and Friday last week, so this will be my first full week home alone with the kids.  Yikes.  It's a little daunting.  Maggie still would rather be held than anything, and can't feed herself a bottle or baby food, so she requires a lot of my time.  Ben is pretty self sufficient these days (except for torturous homework time), but Sam and Allie still require a lot of me too.  Hoping I grow extra arms or clone myself or something!

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