Saturday, December 7, 2013

14 Months Today

Maggie is 14 months today!  This was the first "birthday" we got to celebrate with her.  :)

I had major cabin fever after the sickness this week and the weather, so we ventured out today and took the kids to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Normally eating out is not pretty in our family.  I think we just don't do it enough for them to handle it well. This was the first time we went out to eat since we've been home, and it actually went pretty well!  Maggie did great and I was so happy to satisfy my Mexican craving.  Yep, we took our Korean and Chinese daughters out for Mexican. We're a diverse bunch!

The big kids played out in the snow again today and I did I think 6 loads of laundry.  Maggie had another very fussy day.  She is desperate to be held.  I have Ben's sore throat now and I'm hoping that's not what's going on with her.

Happy 14 months Maggie Fei!  Here's to never celebrating another milestone without us.

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