Sunday, August 4, 2013

Timeline: Where we've been & Where we're headed

Allie's adoption process took about 2.5 years.  This process is much quicker; the quicker pace is due to the fact that Allie's was a Korean healthy child adoption, while this is a Chinese special needs adoption.  

On the right side of our blog we keep a list of all the important dates and milestones of this process.  But here is a more general breakdown.  We broke the process into 2 parts.  The first part is "Before Referral", which is everything that has to happen to get a referral, or baby match.  Once you're matched, you begin another wait to be able to travel.  So this shows where we've been and where we're headed in the next few months.

Timeline to Yu Fei

August-November 2012:  Application and Home Study Process - 3.5 months
November 2012-Mar 2013:  Dossier (Paperwork) Preparation/Approval - 3. 5 months
March-June 2013:  Wait for Referral - 3 months

June 11 REFERRAL!!!  We saw Yu Fei's pictures for the first time.

AFTER REFERRAL - ??? months
June 2013-??? Wait for Letter of Acceptance from China (LOA)
Wait for Travel Approval (TA)
Leave for China

***We're told that the average wait to travel is 4-7 months from child match/referral.  We were matched in mid-June, so we're guessing we'll travel sometime between mid-October and mid-January.  We're hoping and praying we travel before Christmas, but it's completely out of our control and we'll make it work whenever it happens!!

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