Thursday, August 29, 2013

Adoption Costs Part 1: Worth the Cost

People tend to know that adoption is expensive, but are often to find out just how expensive.  Allie's Korean adoption in 2011 was about $32, 000.  This Chinese process we are thinking is going to add up to about $30, 000.  Shocking, I know.  HOWEVER, I'm always quick to follow that with the reminder that many people have new cars that cost at least that much and don't bat an eye at the cost.  We do not have this kind of money sitting in the bank.  We live on a one-income, tight budget.  We are walking by faith that somehow the money part of the process will work out. We refuse to say we can't adopt because of the cost.  We'll find a way.

What we've spent so far:

  • Home study Application  $250
  • Home study Fee $1250
  • BCI & FBI Fingerprints $140
  • Placement Agency Application $200
  • Placement Agency Program Fee #1 2250
  • Passports $300
  • Paperwork fees to complete Dossier paperwork (including birth and marriage certifcates, employment letters, notarization, certification and authentication of all documents, courier fees, copying, shipping)  $1083
  • International Adoption Clinic at Children's Hospital for Special Needs Checklist Review $400
  • I800A Application with USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Services) $890
  • Placement Agency Fee #2 $2260
  • China Placement Fee $1150
  • Homestudy Transfer Fee Total (our homestudy agency closed mid-process, so we got to pay to transfer our homestudy) $518
  • Placement Agency Fee #3 (Referral!) $1508
  • Placement Agency Post Deposit $1000
  • Translation Fee $360 
  • International Adoption Clinic Referral Review $640
  • Grant Applications, copies and mailings $122
  • Letter of Approval overnight mailing $32
  • Grand total Paid as of August 28:  $14, 353

Fees to Come: 

  • Visas $140
  • Round Trip Flights $2600-$4000
  • In-China Travel and Accomodations $3300-4400  
  • Adoption Registration & Notarization $400-800
  • Child Passport $100-150
  • Orphanage Fee $5748
  • Food in China $700-800
  • Child Physical & Photo $90-120
  • Child US Entry Visa $230
  • Upcoming Total From Now Until We Get Her Home:  $13, 308-$16, 388 (I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor as I totaled that up)

*We still have $3200 of funds raised previously from the garage sale and other donations to put toward the remaining fees.
*That leaves us with between $10, 108 and $13, 188 to raise in the next couple of months.

TOTAL FOR PROCESS:  $27, 661 - $30, 741

After We're Home:

  • Post Adoption Services w/Home Study Agency (China requires 6 home visits once she's home over the course of 5 years) $1800
  • Child's Birth Certificate ?
  • Court Fee ?
  • Medical care provided by International Adoption Clinic at Children's Hospital as well as pediatrician, surgeries, therapies, medical/dental care ????  thousands!  We have a high deductible plan, so we'll have to pay at least the first $3000, and a percentage after that.  We're not sure yet what all her cleft lip/palate needs will entail.

Stay tuned for more on adoption costs, living frugally, grants, & fundraisers!

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