Friday, August 16, 2013

And her name is....

When we were tossing around name ideas for our new little one, we had a hard time deciding, but all 3 kids latched onto one name and wouldn't let go.  They were insistent, and we love it too, so here it is!

Officially she'll be Margaret Yu Fei (pronounced "You Fay").  We think it's pretty cute we'll be able to call her Maggie Fei.  :)  

We are on day 59 of our wait for LOA (Letter of Approval).  We've heard of them coming in less time than that, or much more time than that.  But average wait time for us in our situation is 3-4 months to get that approval.  Then the real mad dash to travel starts!!!

We know we're getting closer every day, and life is busy and crazy as we wait, but we sure can't wait for her to join our family!!!!

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