Sunday, August 4, 2013

Care Package #1 Sent!

We mailed our first care package to Yu Fei yesterday!  (No, we still haven't decided on her American name!)  We included 2 outfits (size 9 months based on her recent weight we were given,but it might be a little big), a rattle, a crinkle book, a lovey (which Allie helped pick out), a photo book with pictures of us in it (and with Chinese labels of who we all are), and 2  disposable cameras.  We're hopeful her caregivers will take lots of pictures of her for us until we come to get her! 

We tried to send similar things as we sent to Allie in her care package when she was still in Korea.  We weren't allowed to send clothes to Allie, but the other things are all pretty much the same.  With Allie, though, we were only allowed to send 1 care package; this time there is no limit.  We're hoping to send at least one more in time for her October 7th birthday.

We also bought/made duplicates of the toys/books/lovey because there is a good chance she won't come home with any of it.  We'll bring the duplicates with us to China when we go, that way she'll have some familiar things with us, then we can take that second set home forever with her.

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