Thursday, January 24, 2013


Shenanigans happen often in this house.  With three kids ages 2, 4 and 6, they happen pretty much every time I let my guard down.  Last week in particular was full of trouble-making.  Here's just a few examples:

*All 3 kids were in tub together, I was across hall picking up Allie's room, keeping an ear on them.  They were playing so quietly (not the usual splashing and screaming) and my heart so full of pride for them playing so well.  When I checked on them, I realized why they were so quiet.  They had put an empty toilet paper roll into the tub, it shredded and they were all in a daze trying to catch all the pieces swirling around.  We had just had pipe work done the day before, so needless to say we fished out as many pieces as we could!

*Discovered Allie calmly and thoroughly putting hand lotion in her hair.

*Two days later, Allie very lovingly lathering up the cat with lotion.  (lotion is now put up!)

*All three were playing in Allie's room.  Boys came out without Allie and told me she was "resting" like a good girl.  Turns out they cleared out her closet floor, laid out her sleeping bag, and made her lay down and have rest time until the timer they set went off (they set it for an hour).  I went to free her and found her so quietly laying in her dark closet... they had even closed the closet doors and blocked them with bins of toys so she couldn't get out!

Then they all wanted to "rest" with Allie and had me block them in her closet... weird but okay.  They had her sleeping bag, pillows, stuffed animals.... they were playing in there so well and giggling when... Ben came to find me and said "Mom, for some reason I have poop on my hands and pants."  What???  They are all potty trained and not accident prone, so I couldn't fathom where it came from.  And yes, it was definitely poop.  Upon investigating, I realized that the entire time they had been "resting" in the closet, they had our one cat Max trapped in there with them.  He is not overly thrilled by our children, though he is not accident prone either.  They trapped him and literally scared the poop out of him!  Here's the pic I took B4 I realized there were two piles of cat poop in the closet.  Max is the black blob cowarding in fear between Sam and Allie.

*Allie took a shower with me the other day, and wanted to stay in a while longer after I got out.  She had some toys and was happily singing in there.  I relished a few minutes to get dressed by myself.  When I went to get her a few minutes later... she had somehow reached all the shampoo bottles, opened them and emptied them in the shower.  There were bubbles everywhere and she got shampoo in her eye... not sure if she was more upset about the shampoo in her eye or about getting caught before she could finish emptying the last bottle!!

Add to the constant chaos, that certain fiesty two year old  is starting to fight naps, making for some long and hairy afternoons.  And kids trapped indoors due to the frigid cold, two dogs and two cats stuck inside...ergh!   I keep thinking that I hope this next little one who joins our family is a tough little cookie and has a high tolerance for noise and chaos!

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