Thursday, January 10, 2013

Next (baby) Step!

We received the date for our fingerprint appointment today!  A very small step, but in the right direction.  Currently we're waiting for USCIS (Homeland Security) to give us permission to adopt an international child.  We knew they had received our application and part of their processing our application is to get our fingerprints.  USCIS does not play around; you do not get to choose a day/time that works for you. They mail you a letter with your appointment time on it and you show up.  That is all.  We go January 22!  We did this with Allie as well; we have to go downtown to the Federal building, which again is no laughing matter.  There are metal detectors and very serious routines to follow there.  Which is fine... easier the second time now that we know what to expect.  Once they have our fingerprints done, then we keep our fingers crossed for their approval some time after that!

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