Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And it continues...

The stomach bug is slowly but surely moving its way through our family.  It was my turn this time, came on like gangbusters yesterday afternoon. Thankful for the hubs who stayed home from work today to be Mr. Mom.  He got Ben up and off to school, kept Sam and Allie entertained all morning, even got to make playdough to send to school with Sam (because I made some yesterday before I got sick and decided it may just be slightly contaminated playdough!).  Because things are never simple, we also had a clogged sewer pipe, so he also had to get a plumber out here today.  Add to that that he did go to work for a couple hours this afternoon while Sam as at preschool and Allie napped... he had to rush back to pick up Sam from school and get home for the plumber...but still managed to pick me up some soup at Frischs.  He's amazing.  He also enjoyed being home a little too much... he wants me to go back to work so he can stay home!

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