Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday free day

We had a free day and our plans to go shopping were washed away by torrential rains and storms today. After spending most of the day in the hotel room, we finally got out for an evening swim. We hit around a beach ball, Joey using his head. He's very inventive and refuses to be left out and has us cracking up at every turn. He's is now splashing in the tub shouting "what's your name" (one of the few English phrases he came to us saying) over and over again. The kid is hilarious.

Tomorrow we'll get the results of his blood test for TB. We'd love prayers that it's negative!!!

He slept a solid 13 hours last night.

C'mon little dude, we're ready for breakfast!

We brought little finger laser lights and he's obsessed with them. Helped keep him busy on a rainy day.

We got our bag of laundry back! Hallelujah, we've been wearing dirty clothes. :)

Playdoh is also a big hit. This is Ben's creation but joey is pretty good at it!

Played at an indoor play area here at our hotel.

We had a dinner at a Chinese restaurant with less than stellar service. Thankful for paper placemats and random pencils in our backpack to keep them busy during a long wait.

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