Monday, September 12, 2016

Great news and island time

Great news this afternoon- Joey's TB test was negative!!! Whoo-hoooo!! We are good to go for his consulate appointment tomorrow!!!

Today was another free day. We've been offered by our agency a few touring options around Guangzhou but have opted out of them as we did them last time we were here and don't think the boys would enjoy them. Joey is still pretty difficult to take out in public, so we're choosing carefully how we spend our time!

We took a taxi to Shamian Island, which is one of my favorite things to do here. It's only about 15 minutes from the hotel yet its a very different feel. It's an area formerly owned by the French and British, so the buildings are more colonial looking than chinese. There are lots of mature, beautiful trees, famous statues and lots of shops.  One shop in particular benefits chinese orphanages, so we did a lot of our shopping there.   We picked out some keepsakes for Joey and gifts for the kids. We also had lunch at Lucy's, a restaurant there with some American food. It's really a fun (yet hot and muggy!) way to pass some time. 

Joey is a little quiet today. I'm not sure if he's tired or a little under the weather or just processing everything. 

Tomorrow we leave at 7:30am for his consulate app. Wish us luck getting this sleepy boy up, fed and ready in time!!!

Reading Bible for Kids with daddy before bed!

 I can't express how much we love the breakfast there. It makes everyone happy!

Shamian Island

Back to a refreshed room...

And homework time!

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