Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Catch-Up

Daddy's the Mystery Reader for Sam's class!

 Another Terrific Tiger!

Nail painting party for us girls.

She has become a picky eater to the point of growling at me. 
She clearly does not realize she is at the bottom of the growth chart and needs to eat!
 (Ignore the rest of the chaos in the background!)

A warm November day on the bike trail.

A glimpse of homework time:  Maggie playing, Ben guitar practice, 
Sam & Allie doing some school work. 
It's usually not this peaceful;
 in fact I think this is the ONLY time they all cooperated at the same time!

 She has become completely offended by being served bread.

And is also learning the hard way about not climbing up on chairs.

Reading buddies.  (For the record, they have pants on!)

Girly fun.

Turning in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
A scary boo-boo... nail gets pulled up and over.

Happy Gotcha Day Maggie Fei!  We celebrated at a Mexican restaurant, of course.

She had no idea why we were celebrating, but she loved it!

Someone read the whole bible!

A fun road trip and concert with the boys and cousins.
A snow day in November?!?!

 So excited to be finally turned around and facing foward in the van!

Budding writer.

These 2 stuffed and stamped ALL our Christmas cards. Seriously helpful.

Thanksgiving Feast at Sam's school. Someone was not happy to be off Mommy's lap.

 Yes that is a doggy behind in the background.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Matt, a.k.a Sam's "twin".

This cracks me up. Watch her eyes.. .she just couldn't stay awake for the 20 minute drive home!

Time for my little elves to help decorate for Christmas.

Sam reads to the family at bedtime.

A special visit with Great Grandma Dot.

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