Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Pictures

A very generous friend gave us a gift card for a photo-shoot with a fantastic photographer, Denise Faessler.  It was quite an experience with a very uncooperative 2 year old!  We all did everything we could think of to cheer her up, but she cried a LOT.  The photographer worked wonders, though, and managed to get some really beautiful shots that we just treasure! Even the crying ones are cute!

This next picture was taken literally a few minutes after our session ended, 
a selfie taken by Jeremy's phone.
Pressure was off and she was all smiles.  Little Stinker.

Here's a few more we took on our own.  They are not NEARLY the quality of the photographers, but there's a few cute ones. Very blessed to have all these photos to capture this fleeting moment in time of our family!

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