Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Maggie Fei Update: Glory Personified

Tomorrow will be 10 months since she was placed in our arms.

I have to force myself to remember how she was then: 
withdrawn, meek, joyless, fearful and oh-so quiet.

None of those words describe her now.

She is loud, bold and demanding to be seen and heard and loved.

We see you sweet girl. We hear you and boy-oh-boy do we LOVE you.

That tiny 13 month old who was like an infant is now a watch-out-world almost 2 year old.

She has BLOSSOMED, EXPLODED into herself.  To who she was meant to be.

She is proof that every, single life matters. 

Even those who had originally been cast away.

She is the definition of redemption.

We feel so unbelievably blessed to be the ones to get to witness it.  
I literally feel like my heart could explode with the joy of it all.

She began speech therapy today.  
I went into the appointment full of fear for how behind she is in speech.  
Afraid she would cry the entire time as she sometimes does.

Boy was I in for a surprise.

She rocked it.  
Instead of it being an hour of her weakness on display, 
it was an hour of proof of how far she has come.

She showed off her sign language.  
She interacted, she laughed, she entertained, said a few new words.

I totally cried.

I didn't know I needed to be reminded of how far she has come, 
but what a blessing it was to witness.

I am SO, SO proud of this little girl. 

For her perseverance. For her resilience.

For her absolute determination to not be left behind.

To God goes all the glory.

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