Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boys Spotlight

Sometimes it seems like a lot of the attention gets focused on the girls, their adoptions, their needs.  

So, a little spotlight on our boys.

Um, I really like "older" kids. Not that they are super old yet, but they are so fun at ages 6 & 8!

I love having real conversations with them. I love teaching them things.

I just really like hanging out with my boys.

They seem so much older lately.

They are determined to let their hair grow long. 
I find them grooming in the bathroom mirror. So funny.

They don't require a ton of toys.  
They are happy with a couple cars or some paperclips or a big cardboard box.

They remember EVERYTHING, minute details for years ago.
(And yet they can't remember to brush their teeth or flush the toilet!)

Between the 2 of them, the Tooth Fairy is very busy! 

I love my boys.

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