Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet Girl

Our little gal is going through a hard time right now. She seems to be fearful that we're going to leave her, so she's holding on to us with all her strength! She wants to be held quite a bit of the time, and if she gets down to play she wants us down on the floor with her. When we attempt to put her down, she'll often have a meltdown such as this one! We continue to reassure her that we're not going anywhere and hold her as much as we can. We have hopes that soon she'll relax a bit. On top of that, she had a mysterious fever last week, and now a cold and another fever! Poor baby!
However, despite her fears, she's is such a little smartie! She says 7-8 English words (ma, da, more, night-night, uh-0h...), runs skillfully, stands on her head, uses a spoon and fork with help... she has surprised the pediatricians who can't believe she's barely 13 months old! She's also hilarious and loves to be the center of attention. She shows off by blowing kisses, playing peekaboo and dancing. We're so proud of our smart, sweet little girl and continuously thankful for her foster mother's outstanding care!

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