Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally, Pigtails!

Hard to believe Allie has been home over 3 weeks already! Seems like she's been with us forever. But then I realize that we've lived a pretty sheltered life with her so far. We've had a few visitors and made a few outings, but there are still many firsts to attempt. We've not taken her to a restaurant yet, haven't gone to the pool yet, etc. We'll get there! Once Jeremy went back to work, she began a phase in which she was VERY clingy to me. Hence I haven't gotten around to updating the blog in a while! According to what I've read about attachment, she's at a point where she is attached to us enough that she's now fearful that we'll leave her. There was a week stretch where she was just so whiny and clingy that we were all very stressed out. We tried to be patient, but it was definitely an adjustment for me taking care of 3 kids by myself, all the while lugging a 22 pounder around while I cook, etc! The past couple of days have been better, though, and she seems more relaxed and happy. I'm hoping we've turned a corner!
We discovered recently that Allie came home with a CD full of nearly 200 pictures of her while in Korea in her foster home, dating back to October!! We're so thankful to be able to see her in her foster home and get an idea of what life was like for her. It's so very cool to see her develop along the way, something we thought we had missed out on. She is smiling and happy in nearly every picture!
Here's a couple pics of our "stairstep" kids-ages 1, 3, and 5!!! And of course, the pigtails. :)

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