Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smiles, Kisses and Sleep Deprivation

Life with Allie is good. Really good. We are having so much fun getting to know our little girl. She is still very clingy to me, but is finally willing to let Daddy hold her a little more the past day or so. As long as she is very near to me, so is happy. She laughs and shows her 8 little teeth, and her whole face lights up. She's even started to give us kisses. So far she's a fabulous eater., taking 5-6 bottles of formula a day, plus some baby food and a lot of table food. She's going to give Sam a run for his money in the eating department! The scale agrees: At her first checkup we found out she's 21.8 lb which is 65th percentile! She's also very tall, almost off the charts, which is surprising. She got a clean bill of health and our pediatrician was very impressed with how on target she is developmentally. She's walking great, uses a spoon and fork some, mimics sounds... of course we think she's a genius. :)
Sleeping is not her forte so far. She is up a lot at night, although she is slowly improving. Nighttime is when she grieves as if she's realizing all she's lost. She cries and just is so sad and can't relax enough to sleep. It breaks out heart. So we hold her and rock her and reassure her we're not going anywhere. Time will help. We continue to "cocoon" around her some and plan to continue this until she seems completely safe and secure. Our only outing so far has been for her checkup! We're totally enjoying our time at home to just hang out and be together. If only Jeremy could quit his job! We are so incredibly proud of the boys and how they take care of and love on their baby sister!
Here's more homecoming pictures. Our good friend Leigh was generous enough to take some of the airport photos, all while carrying her brand new baby in a front carrier! Her baby Evie is just a little younger than Allie and we just know they'll have a lifelong friendship having embarked on this incredible journey from Korea together.

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