Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Love

One week ago today, we were on our way back home from the airport with our girl! Seems like she's always been with us. She's doing great, she gets more relaxed every day. Nighttime sleep is still an issue. She wakes up for hours at night and just can't calm down. A 13 hour time difference and total life change will do that to ya, I guess! She'll get there in her own time. We're still trying to keep things low key for her, sticking close to home. She does love to take walks and seems to like meeting new people in small groups. She had her first checkup at the pediatrician and passed with flying colors. She's very tall and doing great developmentally. Ben and Sam just LOVE her, and have been helping with her bottles and baby food. Although, I think the baby food phase isn't going to last long. The girl can EAT and she loves just about any kind of table food I give her. Jeremy is off work through next Wednesday, so we are just enjoying these lazy days getting to know our girl.

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