Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2

Hi Everyone!
Well, we are exhausted but doing well. Allie has bonded to me to the point that she literally doesn't want me to put her down--which is a good thing! I literally can't go to the bathroom without her. She is not used to men, as in the Korean culture men often don't play a role in helping with the kids. So she has not taken to Jeremy yet, which of course is killing him. So far, I am holding/sitting with her whenever she is awake and taking care of all her needs. And Jer is on Ben-Sam duty and taking care of the house, cooking, etc. I'm also sleeping on a mattress in her room to help her through the night. She has her nights and days all mixed up, so she literally wants to sleep the day away and play at night. Last night she was awake quite a bit, and she sat next to me on the mattress clapping happily while I tried to doze! We've been told that'll take a few weeks to adjust.
She's eating great, a mixture of table food and baby food. She didn't want a bottle at first, but we've figured out the right type of nipple she likes, so she doing that pretty well too. We have a feeling that once she's more adjusted to us she's going to be a social butterfly. She loves to clap and smile and make sure all eyes are on her (well, except mens' eyes!). Boys are doing GREAT, they love her and kiss her and help take care of her. And they are loving that Daddy is home for almost two weeks.
The airport experience was amazing. While we were waiting for her to come through customs, there was some military men and women returning from duty over seas, so it set a very emotional tone. Then out she came, and she reached right for me. The boys couldn't get enough of her and it was just wonderful. Her escort said she did great on the plane, slept a lot and was pretty social. After a few brief instructions from the escort, she was ours forever. It was a glorious feeling walking out of the airport with her. All 3 kids slept on the ride home from Detroit and so began our life as a family of 5.
We have so many pictures and video to sort through, but they are coming! By the way, she is walking, has 8 teeth and a crazy mop-top of hair! We are smitten already.

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