Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keeping Up

Keeping up with pictures is just not happening these days! 
 Here's a look waaaayyyy back to December.
Crazy to think that 2014 was Maggie's first full year home!
We've come a long way.

Live nativity

neighborhood food drive

Daddy dates

Hat & mittens but no shoes. Stuck inside as Allie gets on the bus.

Cookie baking

This picture is a straight up miracle. No one cried.  Mir-a-cle.

Watching Grandpa & cousin E play indoor softball.

Puzzle time

What else to do on Christmas break but sell loom bracelets and paper airplanes by the road?

Nothing cuter than a baby in an diaper & Daddy's hat.

"What IS this paint doing on my hands??"

Hotel sleeping at it's finest.

Still insists on a crib.

Date with boys to Awaited Christmas show!

Ben's holiday party at school

Christmas Eve!

Listening to the story of Jesus' birth.

Christmas Day!

Big day, sleepy baby.

Instead of giving each other gifts, the kids made each other "What I Love About" papers.   
They loved reading what their siblings love about them.

We keep things very simple at Christmas- less gifts and more focus on the true meaning of the season. One of the gifts we gave each of the big kids was a Coupon Book with coupons they can turn in for fun things to do, such as a Date with Mommy, Movie Night, Breakfast in Bed, etc. They loved it and are still using them!


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