Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas "Break" - Sickness & Saying Goodbye

Here's a recap of our break:

Dec 17- Sam strep
Dec 20- Jer flu
Dec 23- me sinus infection
Dec 24-Sam stomach bug
Dec 25-me stomach bug
Dec 26-Maggie stomach bug
Jan 3- Sam & Allie strep (yes Sam got it AGAIN)
Jan 6-me strep
Jan 10-Allie covered in hives - apparently she's allergic to amoxicillin

It's almost comical (almost).  Thankfully we didn't have to worry about the kids missing school since they were off for all of this.

Thankfully we didn't all get everything (yet).

Worst of all, Jeremy's beloved Grandma passed away on December 29th.  She was the best Christian I know, humble, kind and loving.  There is definitely hole in Jeremy's side of the family now, and a great sadness in him saying goodbye to his last grandparent.  We made the trip to Evansville for the funeral and got to show the kids some of the Jeremy's special places from his childhood.

 So it's been a rough few weeks, but we're okay.  I'm always grateful for our time together as a family, even when we can't make it off the couch.  And we're so grateful for our sweet memories of Grandma Dot.

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