Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fun 3

Love hanging with this guy on a quiet Sunday afternoon, reading...

playing Uno...

more reading till the eyes finally can't stay open anymore.

Sink full of Barbies.  Formerly belonging to my sister and I, 
just got pulled out my parent's attic for the next generation.


Movers and Shakers at the library

 Then this happened:  One of our cats (aka The Neighborhood Bully) developed an absess from a cat fight that had to be surgically removed.  Lots of help waiting for him at the vet.

Cone and banished to the indoors for 10-14 days. He's not happy.

And he keeps escaping outside.


7:40am.  25 minutes till bus time

Maggie & Mommy time.

 Keeping Little Miss occupied during homework 
time usually results in either tears or a mess.

 Egg-free homemade donuts

 The crew comes running when chicken is cooking. 
Yes, that's 2 dogs and 2 cats (and 2 aquariums).

Walking buddies.

Showing off her classroom at Parent Night.

Surprise pickup after school.  Can you tell I had to wake Allie up from her nap?

Carving time.  

Best friends.

Baseball buddies. C'mon spring!

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