Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Maggie Fei - First Birthday Home

Two years ago today, a beautiful baby girl was brought into the world.  
I didn't get to see her birth; I didn't even yet know she existed. 

I didn't get to feed her or rock her or count her fingers and toes.  I didn't get to see her learn to roll over or sit up or crawl. I didn't get to be the one to comfort her when she had her first surgery.

Last year on this day, when she turned one, she was in an orphanage, in a crib, alone.   
We knew she was ours, but we hadn't yet held her.  We celebrated as best we could without the birthday girl, determined to celebrate her life from a world away.

Today we are full of joy, excitement and thanksgiving to the brim.

Today Maggie turns TWO and she is home.  
Home with us forever, where we'll forever be able to celebrate with her on her special day.

We celebrated over the weekend with a family party, 
joining our family traditions with a few Chinese ones.

Does she not look ridiculously adorable in her Chinese silk outfit?!

While we celebrate her, I don't forget that across the world is her birth mom who is mourning the loss of celebrating with her daughter.  If only I could tell her how well she is doing.  If only I could tell her that the cleft that she was born with does not define her.  

That what defines her is the laughter that comes from having her neck tickled.  
The great sense of humor she has and how she'll do anything for a laugh.  
How people are drawn to her. 
How she is stunningly beautiful.
How perfect she feels to hold snuggled up into my neck with her
 little bum popped up in the air under my hand.
How she clasps her hands together and bows her head when we pray.
How although she doesn't have many words yet, boy does she have a lot to say.
How she is here thanks to our God who works all things for our good.

She is daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece.
She is so loved, so special and we are so lucky!  
Thank you, thank you Maggie's Birth Mom. Thank you for choosing life.

To our sweet Maggie Fei:  
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.  
You are better than we could have ever hoped.  
And to quote one of your favorite books by Sandra Boynton:

"So here's to a child who is joyful and clever. 
 Happy Day. 
Happy Year. 
Happy Always and Ever."

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