Sunday, April 13, 2014


Little Miss Maggie Fei has decided to start asserting her independence and is really fighting naptime and sleeptime.  Oddly, she goes right to sleep at naptime, but can't stay asleep. Nighttime it takes 2+ hours of screaming to get her to sleep, but then she generally sleeps all night (knock on wood!!!). The second her feet hit the floor, she is happy, so we're thinking this is a fun "I'm 18 months old and can do what I want" phase.

Despite all that, we've had some reasons to celebrate lately.

Thursday we celebrated 3 weeks since her surgery! She continues to look amazing and is not pulling out her nose stent nearly as much.  

Friday we celebrated being her Forever Family for 5 months. It's been FIVE months since we met this tiny bundle of joy!  In all honesty, it seems like it's been much longer than that.  
What did we do before her?

She finally has her first word!  She consistently says "ya-ya" for bye-bye when she's waving bye to someone.  Super cute.  

We're also making some headway with drinking straight whole milk without juice added. 
Another reason to celebrate!

This girl struts her stuff all over our house. She is super silly and truly hilarious.  
It's a good thing, cuz this not sleeping thing is getting old!

The Diva.

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