Thursday, April 10, 2014

Celebrating Ben

Eight years ago today, this boy made me a mom.  He changed everything! He is the brightest shining light!!  I'm so lucky to say that he's a Momma's Boy, I can't get enough of him.  I know this won't last forever, but he still kisses me goodbye, holds my hand and lets me pick him up (although it's quite a struggle now!). He has blossomed from a boy who was literally MUTE at school in Kindergarten to an outgoing kid who never stops talking.  He's a reader, a mathematician, a thinker. He has a mechanical mind like his daddy (and looks just like him!), but in personality is very similar to me; first born, Type A.  He has watched our family grow and grow and GROW and is such a buddy to his brother and has a huge heart for his sisters.

He's my bud, my love, my HEART.  Happy Birthday Ben!

One year old!


His love of guitar started at 4...

Meeting Allie.

5 years old with his precious blanket.

 6 years


The big 8!!!

Not too old to choose to spend his birthday lunch with his mommy...

at McDonalds. :)

With his favorite person, Cousin Ethan.

Now he plays the guitar for real!

He got to choose how to spend his evening; 
he didn't want to be anywhere else besides his Cousin Ethan's ball game!

A perfect ending to a perfect day!

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