Thursday, March 20, 2014

Prayers for Maggie - It's Surgery Day

Today is the day.  We are at the hospital for Maggie's big cleft lip/palate surgery.  It's a 2.5-4 hours surgery in which they'll remove the tooth, repair the lip tear, hopefully close her palate, and put in ear tubes. She'll stay at the hospital probably a couple of nights and will have a rough several weeks of recovery.

Some of you have asked how you can specifically pray for Maggie and her surgery.

1.  Pray that she remains healthy both throughout the surgery and post-op.
2.  Pray for wisdom and steady hands for the surgeons and other staff.
3.  Pray for the best possible results for her, that they are able to resolve the issue with her upper lip from her previous surgery and resulting tear.  That her palate is successfully closed.  That all repairs are done in a way to best facilitate her speech and feeding and gives her the best cosmetic outcome.
4.  Pray for no complications post-op such as a tear, fissure (hole in palate), excessive bleeding, etc.
5. Pray that the tubes are successful in keeping fluid out of her ears to resolve her hearing issues & for no permanent hearing loss.
6. Pray for quick healing & for her to be able to take in fluids quickly so she can be released from the hospital.
7. Pray for her comfort & peace through this time, and that this surgery doesn't interrupt her attachment to us. Pray that she continues to find comfort in us.
8. Pray for strength & stamina for Jeremy and I as we provide her the support she needs as well as care for the rest of our family.
9. Pray for Ben, Allie and Sam that they have patience, understanding & good health through this process.
10. She has become the most secure, happy, FREE little girl. Please pray that she keeps that her free spirit through this!
11. Pray for her birth family, that they somehow know that Maggie is getting the best care possible.
12. Pray for the millions of orphans that have cleft lip/palates and other special needs, that they receive the care and families they need and deserve.

Thank you all so much! We know so many of you have been praying for her through our entire adoption process, trip, adjustment time and now her surgery. Your prayers are felt and so very much appreciated.

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