Monday, February 17, 2014


Maggie is officially an American citizen!  Although she technically became a citizen the moment our plane landed in the states, we now have PROOF that she's a citizen. It's called her Certificate of Citizenship, and it recently came in the mail! We also got her social security card!

Equally important, she's also now officially a Cincinnatian... she now loves to eat Skyline chili and Larosa's pizza!!! :)

She's doing AWESOME.  She is blossoming right before our eyes.  She is walking all over the place, eating regular meals (much less baby food), most of those painful teeth are in....whoo!!  She is using more sign language, understanding more and such a participant in this family.  You can tell she KNOWS now that this is her home. She feels safe and secure to explore, be silly, etc. 

Here's some of what we've been up to in pictures.

To avoid fighting while brushing, they took turns hiding under the sink. Whatever works!

 At 16 months, we're finally busting out the 12 month clothes!  Her feet are still TINY. 
She wears a 2, which is the size an average 3-6 month old wears!

Chocolate dipped marshmallows for Sam's Valentine's Day party.

She still hangs with us during church.

 She loves the worship music. She sings along!

Visiting with Great Grandma Toodie and Moby.

 Our underwear super hero making bracelets.

Maggie loved her first time in the snow.

Snacking in the car waiting for everyone to finish sledding.

 Watching her siblings sled. She was pointing to them and blowing them kisses. 
Look how thick her hair is getting-and it's so soft now!!

 A trip to Meijer.  I probably would not attempt this without Jeremy. :)  

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  1. Tiffany (Mahan) BoydFebruary 17, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    such great pictures :) such a happy family.