Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pictures and Such

We've been swept up into the summer.... lots of fun moments to be had and very little time to work on pictures/blog!  The first couple weeks of summer were a little rough, there's LOTS of togetherness with the 3 kiddos and myself here all day every day.  But we're in a great groove now.  We're doing fun things, swimming a lot, Kings Island, parks, boating, etc.  But my favorite moments honestly are when we're all here and hanging out playing board games or reading or playing in the back yard.   I'm dreading the start of school!  
Here's a few highlights:

These two:  Best. Buds.....Seriously.  He is SO good to her.

I've never had a kid that would sleep on the go.  Ever.  Ever.  So we were all shocked when Allie curled up on my dad's lap at one of Ben's baseball games and fell asleep for the entire game.

Ice cream at our favorite spot!

Playing Dress-up.  Yep, saving this one for bribes later on.

Bike trail and Hawaiian Ice!

Kings Island!  The dare-devils in the family.  Ben got his cautious nature from his mother.

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