Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Fun Continues...

Ben FINALLY lost his third tooth.  Massive cuteness.

Day on the boat w/Grandpa.

Ridin' a 2 wheeler!!  Amazing how they pick it up overnight.  He's a champ!

I got sick of them begging for cartoons, movies, computer games.  It made them cranky and annoying.  
So we banned all things electronic.  This is the result.  Love it.

Swim lessons!

We took Allie to her first Red's game (the boys are seasoned pros).  We went with the Kids Against Hunger group, tickets were bought in celebration of adoption and foster care, with part of the proceeds going to feeding hungry kids.  We were so thrilled to be joined by our dear friends and follow adoptive parents and their darling children.  It was the best time!


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