Friday, June 7, 2013

This Boy

Oh, this boy.  He is my heart.  When that bus pulled away from our house every school day morning, a big piece of my heart went with it.  I always counted the hours for his return.  Maybe I won't always be that way.  Maybe I have a little bit of homeschooling mom in me... whatever the reason, I just like it better when he's home.  Thankfully, summer is finally here.

That being said, this little man ROCKED first grade this year.  After a shaky start to kindergarten last year, the kid has just taken off.  He's reading like crazy, which is the best thing EVER for this reading teacher.  He's become so much more confident and outgoing and just a sponge for everything little tidbit of information.  Major kudos to his incredible teacher this year, she was amazing.  

It's so crazy for me that he's now a second grader.  Second grade is the grade I taught and loved.  It always seemed so old compared to my little ones at home, but now he's here.  I'm so excited for him to experience second grade, but I'm a little apprehensive for once he's done with second grade; that just seems way to old!

Anyway, I'm already soaking up every second with this boy this summer.


That top tooth is still in there, it's just so loose it points backwards!

With big cousin E, both celebrating the end of the school year.

The whole gang celebrating summer!

My boy and I in front of his school.  It was my school, too, many years ago!

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